This home is a true pearl of the oyster in Carmel by the Sea.   Nestled on the beach and hidden from the rest of the neighborhood.  The Seamist home is a true modern beauty.  This home was originally built in 1969 by Paul Davis Partnership.  In 2022 the owners hired us to fully renovate and redesign the existing structure to introduce modern features to make the home perform and feel great.  Architectural design by Samuel Pitnick and Interior Design by Vance Killen.
The main transformation to the home was developing a completely open floor plan on the main level to allow for the kitchen, dining and living room to all speak with one another.  This included shifting the fireplace to the north corner to give us a more panoramic view of the sea.   As well, we deleted the pre existing soffits to allow for much higher ceilings to achieve maximum volume in the space.   
All windows + sliding doors were replaced with high end Fleetwood Windows and we did our best to bring in more glass wherever we could.   We converted the conventional staircase to a free floating stair stringer with heavy duty white oak treads and glass railing.   In the same area we decided to bring the windows floor to ceiling to allow for maximum light transmittance.  At the front entry of the home we built a glass bridge to allow more light into the lower bedroom, where we also brought the windows floor to ceiling. To top it off we added in glass guard railings at the entry bridge and the back patio to help create a functional wind block and optimize the aesthetic view points of the surrounding maritime features.
Other excellent features of this home include the use of rift white oak cabinetry, 12″ wide white oak flooring, and an abundance of burmese teak for the exterior siding, decking, and ceiling of the lower patio.    All interior millwork was developed with a flush Fry+Reglet detail to help modernize the feel of the home and eliminate any dust ledges.   To add to the luxury feel, we applied textured Taj Mahal Quartzite slabs to all shower walls, vanity tops, and kitchen countertops/backsplash areas.   This stone is one of my favorites considering its durability, good looks and subtle feel.  To top off the quality element palette we incorporated Sun Valley Bronze natural bronze hardware which was mortised flush with the door to make a very custom and built in feel.
Overall this project was a pleasure to build considering that we were given the opportunity to re-build a home with all the latest and greatest features, as well as the highest quality materials + products.   The clients were excellent to work for considering they really wanted us to build a home that would endure the test of time and be user friendly for generations to come.  I would build this home over and over again if given the opportunity.