Pelio Tasting Room

This building started its life as an old barn in the Carmel Valley Village and was later turned into a Wine tasting room to enjoy the temperate climate that our region is known for.

During the summer of 2022 Backen & Backen Architects and Hawkins Interiors developed a new layout and a more open feel for the Pelio Estates wine business. The goal was to create some symmetry and flow among the space and to create an indoor-outdoor feel while customers enjoy fine wine while enjoying the Carmel Valley weather.

I was lucky enough to be brought into the project during the design phase to help consult and be a part of the development in order to forecast and determine suitable assembly.

The scope of work involved re-arranging and eliminating interior walls as well as creating much larger and taller door openings to achieve a high level of comfort and luxury. We installed all new infrastructure (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) as well as all new insulation and finish cladding, including all new interior and exterior finishes.

Our finishes were designated to create a rustic and natural look in order to give the building a feel of being over 100 years old. We used many natural materials in the process of this construction. We reclaimed the existing concrete floor and polished it to a fine finish. The siding and ceiling lumber is Western Red Cedar from Oregon with a wire brush texture and weathered grey finish. The roof is composed of a durable and maintenance free painted metal to withstand the elements and endure the test of time, it also has a special underlayment for fire protection. You truly need to visit the site to see all the other details that make this building special.

My favorite part of the building is the custom bar with formed concrete countertops and bar space along with reclaimed walnut countertops sourced from Central California. The bar cabinetry is built of rift white oak stained dark black with Shou-Sugi Ban charred wood inlay. We were lucky enough to also build some custom dining tables for the tasting room which are sourced from reclaimed granite from the Spreckels Sugar Factory and a huge 16′ long, 4′ wide reclaimed walnut slab from Sacramento.

This project was a true pleasure to build considering the design, the level of finish, and the quality of people who hired us for this work.

I recommend your visitation to this establishment for an enjoyable wine tasting experience for both the ambiance and the flavor of the wine.