Lover’s Point

This project was a great opportunity to fully restore a home that was built over 100 years ago.  This residence has been deemed historically significant considering that it was built in 1912, the same year the Titanic sank in the atlantic.  
Our objective was to restructure and redesign the interior and exterior to lend the home to being more comfortable and usable, while improving function and design.  The architect designed the home to have a much more open floor plan downstairs to allow for the kitchen, dining, and living room to become one space only to be divided by decorative corbels and header beams.  The roof system was restructured with steel framing to accommodate a lounge/viewing platform.  
Other interesting features of the home include the following:
-Cabriolet Skylights by Velux–  these allowed the newly designed attic space to be used for viewing the Lovers Point beach and coastline of Pacific Grove, Monterey and Seaside.
-Guillotine Schlidr Windows at the Entry Veranda–  these allow the front veranda of the home to be fully enclosed to help acclimate the space in order to enjoy the ocean view all year long without the brisk ocean breeze.
-Pull out Drawers in Staircase-  these helped allow for more unique storage and utilization of otherwise unused space.
-Drop Down Staircase- we built a staircase that drops down from the ceiling in the upstairs hallway to provide egress to the attic space to have a lounge and viewing area of the Pacific Ocean.
Architecture was designed by Samuel Pitnick Architects.  Sam and I have done a lot of projects together and this job was by far the most detail oriented and had more unique mechanical/engineering features than any other. 
Interior Design was conceived by Kristen Pena, owner of K Interiors.  Kristen was able to redesign the entire home to feel authentic and traditional, while also provoking a lot of fantastic comfort and luxury features such as the lighting and color palette of the home.  I think one of her most influential elevations was the design of the bar in the dining room; she executed this design with striking elegance.
Overall this project was very fun because we were able to collaborate as a team with the owners, designer and architect.  A project can yield the best results when a team can collaborate and brainstorm the best possible outcome together.